About Us

Narinukun International Programme is the only fully English based international curriculum in Ubon and the only Programme that has achieved registered Cambridge International School status in the North East of Thailand. Our students achieve higher levels of English Language proficiency than any other School or Programme in Ubon Ratchathani.

Key Benefits

  1. Full English immersion.
  2. Small class sizes.
  3. Core qualified foreign teaching staff.
  4. Registered Cambridge International School.
  5. Bespoke Thai / UK International Curriculum.
  6. Globally recognised international qualifications.
  7. New dedicated buildings.
  8. Proactive pastoral system.

A Brief History

According to the Thai Government‘s policy to make Thailand become the Education Hub of the region, Narinukun School was selected as one of only 14 schools in Thailand to run an International Programme, in order to raise the standard of Thai education to meet the demand of ASEAN and beyond.

Narinukun International Programme (Narinukun IP) bases its curriculum on the integration of the Thai OBEC and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curricular.

In October 2015, Narinukun International Programme was registered by CIE as a Cambridge International School, teaching CIE courses leading to international standard qualifications, which are recognised by the best universities and employers worldwide.

The Narinukun International Programme began in the academic year of 2010 with Year 8 only and has extended each year since. To date, it caters for all 6 secondary school levels from Year 8 to Year 13 (M1 to M6).

Vision, Mission and Values


To educate and excel our students, via an international standard, for their success in the world community.


Provide our students with opportunities to draw out and develop their potentials to make them become autonomous learners with academic excellence.

Be proactive caring world citizen, leading productively healthy lives.


Support the holistic growth of students as responsible members of global society.


Programme Buildings

The start of the 2016-2017 academic year saw the Programme moving from its initial location within the main Narinukun School building to its new dedicated buildings. The 3 separate Programme buildings accommodate 6 classrooms, science lab, art room, music room, resource centre, teachers’ room, conference room, security room, exam preparation room and mini mart. A special thanks to T. Steve and T. Nik for taking on and successfully moving the entire Programme from one location to the other in a single day.

Science Lab

The start of the 2016-2017 academic year finally saw the fit out of the first of two Programme Science Labs. Design and specifications to meet Cambridge’s criteria so that Cambridge Practical Science can be taught. Thanks to T. Nik for his countless extra hours in the detailed design and specification and a thanks to A. Suchaya for the choosing the pretty lilac colour.

Resource Centre

The start of the 2016-2017 academic year also saw the expansive 15m x 9m standalone Resource Centre open. Housing 32 student PCs all equipped with the latest software suites and connected to high-speed internet networks. The Resource Centre is also home to the library and quiet student study areas. Thanks to T. Steve for painstakingly planning, designing and overseeing the building, equipment and services completed to specifications.

Teachers’ Room

Situated on the ground floor of the main building and home to the core staff members that drive the Programme forward on a daily basis.

Conference Room

Adjacent to the Teachers’ Room, seating 12 people, it serves as both the Programme’s meeting place as well as a student tutorial session space.

Art Room

Completed part way through the 2016-2017 first term. The Programme finally got a dedicated space for unencumbered creativity, design and flair.

Music Room

Again, completed part way through the 2016-2017 first term and located adjacent to the Art Room in the same building behind the Resource Centre. Far enough away from the main classrooms, students and T. Sigrid are able to let rip and discover their musical geniuses at whatever noise level they want.

Swimming Pool

Large 8 lane swimming stadium located directly opposite the main Programme building.


At last the Programme gets clean, modern and hygienic toilets for both students and staff.